MD's Biography

MD's Biography

The biography of Eng Saad Almojel.

About Us

About Us

A diversified group with a long history of more than 50 years.

Portfolio & Affiliates

  • Arabian Pipes Company
    A publicly listed company, APC is the largest manufacturer of medium range HFW steel pipes in the Middle East.
  • AL Yamamah Steel Industries
    Al Yamamah is one of the largest Manufacturers of Steel Products in the Middle East.
  • Ceramic Pipes Company

    A major producer of high quality Vitrified Clay Pipes & Fittings

  • Bayan Realty

    A Real Estate company focusing on providing quality housing for middle income nationals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Gulf One Bank
    Gulf One Bank is a leading GCC infrastructure investment bank focusing on infrastructure and mega-projects
  • Mouwasat Medical Centers
    A publicly listed company focused on operating hospitals and dispensaries in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Kayan is a global petrochemicals producer dedicated to building the downstream industry in Saudi Arabia.

  • Tech Investments Company
    The company specializes in investments related to IT, Telecom. and other knowledge-based industries.
  • United Mining Industries
    A Saudi natural resources company focused on the mining of limestone, marble, feldspar, quartz and andesite.
  • Venture Capital Bank
    The first Islamic Venture Capital Bank in MENA based out of Bahrain with a strong footprint around the region.
  • Yamama Granite & Marble
    A large regional Granite & Marble provider in the region with one of the most advanced facilities in the region.
  • Alyamama Investment & Installment
    A leading real estate investor and a financing solutions provider in the Middle East based out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Arabian Precession Industries
    A high precision manufacturer producing spare, mechanical and precision products to various industries around the region.
  • Saudi Perlite

    One of the largest middle eastern producers of expanded Perlite used mainly for Agriculture, Constructions, and Industry.

  • Almojel Steel
    One of the largest steel products distributors in the region with products that include steel bars, angles, sheets, and beams.
  • Global Dimension
    Global Dimension For Education & Training