For  more  than  50  years  Almojel

      Company has played an important

      role  in the  rapid  development  of

      the  kingdom  of  saudi arabia and

      the region.


About Us

For  more  than  half  a  century,  Almojel  group , a  leading  Saudi 

Group,  has  taken  part  in  the  economic  development  of  Saudi

Arabia  and  the  Gulf  States.

Out  of   its   main   offices  in   Riyadh,   Almojel   group   manages 

investments  that  span  over  the  entire  GCC  and across various

industries    that    include:     Manufacturing,    Building    Materials, 

Finance  &  Investments,  Retail,  Education,  Real  Estate,  Energy 

Services, and Technology.

As the global economy changes and our region develops, Almojel

Group holds a strong position  that would allow it to drive this shift

forward while maintaining its core values.